At Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form, the Student Services Centre offers Career/Vocational guidance as well as Conselling and Pastoral care.

Career/Vocational Guidance includes career testing, exploration and job shadowing and help with making career decisions. The Guidance Team works closely with the Senior Management Team to ensure that students coming from secondary education can mkae informed choices. They provide an Outreach Programme for students and parents comprising of formative and informative meetings on various issues related to adolescence and education. These included meetings on the transition process for students coming from secondary schools to our school and from our school to University, MCAST or other tertiary institutes. During summer months, our school also offers one to one guidance sessions to prospective students on their choice of subjects before applying at Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form. Students continue to receive ongoing support should they later experience any difficulty in their choice of subjects. The Guidance Team is able to guide students towards other options which might better meet their needs and abilities.

Counselling and Pastoral Care is carried out both informally and on a one-to-one basis. Students are invited to approach any member of the Guidance Team if they feel the need to discuss any personal issues. Our team can guide students towards the the right professional services if these are necessary.

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