The Council which is composed of a President, a secretary and six members: three elected from the teaching staff and three elected from among current students.

The secretary and treasurer of the Council is the Head of School.

The present Council is composed thus:

The Council's aims are among others to promote the ethos of Sir M. A. Refalo Sixth Form, to organise events related to the dissemination of the role of the Sixth Form beyond its inner confines and to discuss ways in which the educational life of both educators and students can be improved.

One of the initiatives undertaken by the present Council has been the launch of Premju Gieh is-Sixth Form which aims to recognise the contribution of past staff members.

The Students' Representative Council

The aim of the Students' Representative Council is to provide a source of communication between students and the administration of the Institute. The council provides the opportunity for students to participate in the infrastructural progress of the Institute and the development and management of school activities whilst providing inclusion for all.