Option 4: MQF LEVEL 1/2/3/4

Category A: Revision Subjects - Ordinary Level (Duration: 1 Year)

Students taking Ordinary level Revision subjects may choose from the list of Ordinary Level subjects offered, timetable permitting. Applicants wishing to study other subjects not listed are to send a written request to the Head via the Institute's official e-mail address. In order to choose English, Maths and/or Maltese as a Revision subject, students must present at least a Grade 7 at SEC Level in these subjects.

Mathematics Physics Accounting
Religious Knowledge Biology Chemistry
English Language Maltese Physical Education
Italian French Spanish
German Computing Home Economics

Category B: Comprehensive Core Subjects - O Level (Duration: 2 Years)

Students who have not sat for the SEC exam or who obtained an Unclassified grade, may follow this two year course in any of the following subjects:

Category C: Proficiency in Foreign Languages (Duration: 1 Year)

Students following the Proficiency Course will develop skills language and attitudes required for further study of the language, work and/or leisure. The focus of the programme is communicative competence.

All subjects offered in Couse Option 4 depend on demand and timetable availability. Languages offered are French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Category D: Levels 1 and 2 (Duration: One year

Malteses as a foreign language. This course will open bi-annually.

Entry Requirements for Option 4

Students who have completed year 11 and are in possession of a Secondary School Certificate Profile are eligible to enrol.

For MQF level 4 in Proficiency (foreign languages) students must be in possession of a pass at MQF level 3 in the chosen subject.

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