Matriculation and Secondary Education Certificate (Including exemptions for students with passesfrom Form 5 - year 11

This course is intended for those students who would like to sit for the Matriculation Certificate Examination of the University of Malta

The MATSEC course is the ONLY one that meets the entry requirements of the University of Malta.

University of Malta regulations and subject choice requirements apply when enrolling for this course.

Two-year course content:

  1. TWO subjects at the Advanced level
  2. THREE subjects at Intermediate level and
  3. Systems of Knowledge

The choice of subjects to be studied should be made from the following list:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Arabic Accounting Applied Mathematics* Art
English Classical Studies Biology Computing
French Economics Chemistry Engineering Drawing / Graphical Communication
German Geography Environmental Science* Home Economics & Human Ecology
Italian History Physics Information Technology
Maltese Marketing Pure Mathematics Music
Russian Philosophy Physical Education (PE)*
Spanish Psychology* Theatre & Performance
Religious Knowledge

*Offered at Intermediate Level Only

Choice of subjects should be made from the table above.

Subject choice guidelines:

  1. ONE of the subjects chosen must be from Group 1, ONE must be from Group 2 and another from Group 3. The remaining TWO subjects may be selected from any group.
  2. No subject may be taken at both Advanced and Intermediate level.
  3. Not more than TWO of the Business subjects - Accounting, Economics and Marketing may be selected.
  4. Environmental Science cannot be taken with any of the following: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  5. Computing cannot be taken with Information Technology

Entry Requirements for Course Option 1 - MATSEC Course

Minimum of SIX passes at Ordinary Level (SEC/GCE) at GRADE 5/GRADE C or better in:

*Note - With regards to the following subjects: Maltese, Italian, Arabic and Religious Knowledge ONLY a SEC - Secondary Education Certificate - can be presented.

Students who fail to obtain a Grade 5/C in either ONE of the above required subjects will still be accepted for the MATSEC course. However one must bear in mind that Ordinary level passes in Maltese, English and Mathematics would still be required when applying for a couse at the University of Malta.

Note for Maltese SEC Exemption

  1. Foreign students may present an Ordinary level pass in their own language (or another language to be approved by the Directorate for Education Services - DES) instead of Maltese.
  2. Maltese students who for reasons of residence or education abroad during the previous four years, have not received adequate teaching in Maltese, may present another language or another subject at Ordinary level to be approved by the DES.
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