The Sixth Form Library Services staff is delighted to welcome you to our school and our new library area. Our library is open during school hours, every day, from Monday to Friday. Students and teachers are welcome to enjoy our peaceful environment for study, reasearch or leisure.

One ot the library services' top priorities is helping the institute's students to acquire new and second hand textbooks at the best competitive prices on the market. This ensures that each student will ahve his textboks at the start of the term. In collaboration with various subject teachers, the library offers students different study packs relevant to their course of studies.

The library offers options for students to browse through geopgraphical, business, environmental, science and social sciences periodicals. Through the library's website, teaching staff and students can access our school library catalogue, make advanced searches, request books, make reservations and renew loans. Each student is entitled up to three items for three weeks in a row with the possibility of further renewals. We are here to help you achieve your academic dream.

Our Library aims to be a resource of information, open to ideas and imagination and an instrument of cultural and educational development. It fosters a love of reading and a climate of lifelong learning to enrich the lives of students and teachers. It offers spaces for all to meet and connect, to learn and to teach and to inspire creativity.


As a student/lecturer at Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form you are automatically registered with the library. You can study, use the computers and borrow books & magazines from the library.

Library Use

You may come to the library in your free time, from 08:00 to 14:45.

You may use the free internet provided for school related work.

Please eat before you come as food and drinks (except H2O) are not allowed in the library.

Be reasonably quiet and respect colleagues.

Library Collection

Books are organised into five sections using the Dewey Decimal Classification system.

000 - 999 Information Books (Nonfiction)
I Intermediate Fiction
M Melitensia
R Reference
T Teacher's Books

Dewey Decimal Classification Numbers (DDC)

Accounting 657
Applied Mathematics 510
Art 700
Biology 570
Chemistry 540
Classical Studies 880
Computing 004
Economics 330
Engineering Drawing 741
English Literature 820
Environmental Science 363
French Literature 840
Geography 900
German Literature 830
Graphical Communication 741
History 930-990
Home Economics 640
Information Technology 600
Italian Literature 850
Malti (Maltese Literature) 892
Marketing 658
Mathematics 510
Music 780
Philosophy 100
Physics 530
Physical Education 611-613
Psychology 150
Pure Mathematics 510
Religious Knowledge 200
Sociology & Anthropology 301
Spanish Literature 860
Systems of Knowledge 001
Theatre & Performance 792

Student's Book List


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"A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever."

Martin Farquhar Tupper

"Words are wind."

George R. R. Martin, A Feast for Crows

"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills."

Chinese proverb

Student's Book List